About US

In the spring of 2023, a profound desire to reshape the future of the young generation in Jammu and Kashmir led to the birth of Hibban Pathways. Our founder, Shah Tawfeek, an industry veteran with over eight years of experience across various roles, envisioned a platform that could serve as a beacon of guidance for the region’s youth.

Our Core Values

Empowerment: We empower our students with the knowledge and skills they need to realize their career ambitions.

Relevance: We ensure our courses are tailored to meet the real-world demands of the modern workplace.

Individuality: We honor the uniqueness of each student, acknowledging that success comes in many forms.

Impact: We are committed to making a positive societal impact by actively combating unemployment in our region.

Excellence: We persistently strive for excellence in all our educational services, delivering comprehensive and quality content to our students.

Guided by Purpose, Driven by Passion

Hibban Pathways is not just another educational platform. We exist to empower, inspire, and equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to build successful careers. We go beyond traditional teaching methods to prepare our students for real-world challenges.

Mission & Vision

We dream of a future where every young person in Jammu and Kashmir has access to the career guidance and skills they need to lead a fulfilling life. This vision drives our mission to promote employability, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning, which will help reduce unemployment and support economic growth in our region.

Why Hibban Pathways?

We stand out from the crowd because of our strong commitment to our core values: Empowerment, Relevance, Individuality, Impact, and Excellence. These principles shine through in every course we offer, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality education.

Our team of experienced professionals and passionate educators work together to provide an enriching learning experience for our students. We offer a wide variety of courses – from improving communication skills and leadership abilities to enhancing technical proficiency.

At Hibban Pathways, we’re not just teaching – we’re shaping the future, one student at a time. Join us on this exciting journey and find your path to success.

Welcome to Hibban Pathways. Welcome to your future.

Meet Our Founder

Shah Tawfeek, the guiding force behind Hibban Pathways, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our platform. With over 8 years of experience across top multinational organizations, his career has seen him take on diverse roles, primarily as a Business Analyst and Senior Data Scientist.

However, Tawfeek’s professional accomplishments only tell part of his story. His true passion lies in mentoring, guiding, and making a positive impact on individuals’ lives. This passion sparked the idea of Hibban Pathways – an educational platform dedicated to empowering students and preparing them for successful futures.

Tawfeek’s personal mission of adding value to the lives of others resonates in every aspect of Hibban Pathways. His love for guidance, his readiness to offer a helping hand, and his drive to make a positive societal impact are all embedded in the fabric of our organization.

At Hibban Pathways, Tawfeek has created a space where every student is seen, heard, and given the tools to unlock their potential. He personally ensures that our curriculum remains relevant, practical, and impactful for our students.

In his own words, “Our aim at Hibban Pathways is not just to teach but to inspire. We want our students to discover their passions, set their goals, and work towards them with confidence. This journey of self-discovery and growth is what Hibban Pathways is all about.”

This vision and commitment from our founder make Hibban Pathways much more than just an educational institution – it’s a launchpad for students to explore their potential and shape their future.